General Matrix.NET

Download GeneralMatrix.NET (.NET 6.0 / Nunit 3.0)

The link above contains the full source code, including NUnit test files and VStudio 2013 solution of the GeneralMatrix.NET library.

This assembly contains .NET implemention of the JAMA (JAva MAtrix package). JAMA which is available from NIST is a basic linear algebra package. It provides useful routines for basic matrix operations as well as more complex Cholesky, QR, LU, Eigenvalue and Singula Value decompositions. This .NET port was done by Paul Selormey and is available here.

The version published here contains some useful agile additions to Paul's work:

  1. I have removed the additional testing driver. Instead I divided the testing app (which originally contains 1000+ lines of code) into 5 NUnit test classes each testing specific area of the package.
  2. As a result the assembly also contains 86 NUnit tests that are contained in the testing dll.