Hi, Thank you for stopping by at Kris Kniaz site. I am a technical leader, speaker, and consultant in the areas of cloud computing and enterprise software. This site contains results of my work - as much as I can make it public and keep it updated. My main interests are: Agile Development Process, Cloud Development and Math based decision making process applied to IT.

I also have a keen interests in implementing various interesting algorithms. In the 80ties I worked on computing projects in the the area of Thermodynamics of Fluid Phase Equilibiria and implemented few non-linear optimization algorithms such as classical Levenberg Marquardt, non gradient and quasi gradient optimization routines. These are available to free download on this site.

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  • May 2022: pCode - solution with General Matrix, AHP and optimization libraries has been upgraded to .NET 6.0 / NUnit 3.0. 
  • March 2020: V6 of the site, moved to Azure
  • March 2016: The optimization libraries have been moved to github
  • March 2014: Upon request of few interested clients I have upgraded all libraries to .NET 4.5.1 and VStudio 2013. Nunit is managed by nuget.
  • June 2010: New versions of the LMA.NET, GeneralMatrix.NET, Oprimization.NET and AHP.NET posted. A convergence defect in Levenberg Marquardt.NET library was fixed. I've set the value of delta in the numeric derivative function to be very low 10-14 which created singularities. A lowe r value of 10-9 seemed to have fixed the issue. Also took the opportunity to upgrade everything to .NET 3.5. A bit late but still...
  • April 2009: The site has been (finally) upgraded from html to ASP.NET
  • October 2007:  Initial html version