Professional Biography

I wrote my first large program in 1985 (Fortran 77!) as part of my Masters Thesis in Thermodynamics of Fluid Phase Equilibiria. Solving complex scientific (and later business) problem through computing became my passion.

After graduation from the Warsaw University of Technology I joined the PhD program in Physical Chemistry at the same university. During the next two years I worked on computational algorithms for predicting physical properties of crude oil components.

In the early nineties I moved to the US to start a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. For the next five years I worked on the nanotechnology of carbon materials (also known as fullerenes). As part of my studies I ran crystallographic calculations as well as several physico-chemical simulations (c, c++ on vax and unix). After earning the PhD degree from UPenn I accepted a contract postion at the Princeton Materials Institute at Princeton University where I studied nanotechnology of silica materials.

My postdoc at Princeton was focused more on experiments and data collection and less on theory and computing. Upon the end of my contract I wanted to follow my passion for problem solving via computing and decided on a career switch: I joined Sapient: a (at the time ) Software Integrator and (soon after) Web consulting company.

At Sapient I worked as Consultant and Software Architect on projects with such diverse clients as The New York Times Company, Goldman Sachs, Prudential, Merrill-Lynch, Hallmark and LEGO.

While still at Sapient I collaborated with the team in the healthcare and pharma practice and consulted on various web initiatives for Novartis Pharmaceuticals. Soon after (2002) I moved to the Healthcare practice at Business Edge Solutions - a business and pharma consultancy in NJ where I helped architect a large, web-based clinical data exchange system for Merck Pharmaceuticals. It was my first immersion in a truly agile development process (task based SCM, Test Driven Development using JUnit and Cactus) and a became a big proponent of both Scrum (although we were doing Scrum at Sapient in 97' when the name was not even in the wide industry use) and Agile ways.

From 2003 until recently I worked at as a Director of Engineering and Enterprise Architect. I was responsible for the Architecture of the website (as well as its integration with back end systems and trading partners) as well as the Software Development Process and delivery of new features. I managed team of Architects, Engineers and Project Managers and superwised over 20 successful large scale projects including 5 country rollouts.

I have a experience in delivery of applications (web, EAI, SOA, enterprise and departmental level) on variety of platforms and technologies; versatile background in consumer, pharma, publishing and financial services and demonstrated ability to lead cross-functional teams of IT professionals and business users.

I am adept in building high performance software development teams as well as design and implementation of department and enterprise level IT processes and procedures.

I have authored over 20 papers in science as well as information technology. Some of them are available here.