I have been working in the Software Engineering field for 10 years as a consultant and since 2003 as a manager in one the biggest consumer websites in the US. My professional interests focus currently on three areas: global development of web services for consumers, EAI/B2B in large enterprises and software development process.

My team and I spend lots of time thinking about most efficient (from the point of view of the whole enterprise) way of creating software. A product release is a colaborative effort of many teams - creative, translation (in the global development space) development and IT infrastructure. With so many contributors development process needs to be repeatable and with high degree of reusability of subprocesses. I'm addressing this issue in two articles published on this site: "Software Factory" and "Translation Process." Currently I'm working on the related problem of Software Configuration Management for the EAI. I'm hoping to publish another case study / writeup on this soon.